Holiday Packaging
Insights 2018


As we look to wrap up (pun intended) our to-do lists both in the office and at home, we are pleased to bring you our latest market insights all about holiday packaging. Our favorite time of the year for store research, the team has been snapping away in cities around the world to bring you a global view of the latest and greatest packaging styles created specifically for the holidays.

This is the first holiday season expected to top $1 trillion in sales.
Sourcing Journal, 2018

Each year our brand partners approach us asking for direction on their holiday collections and we are happy to oblige. This visual study is aimed to capture the aesthetic and structural packaging trends that we have seen in the stores this year, as well as the latest sales figures and consumer behavior insights. 



March 2019

The Crest Collection

We are pleased to announce that the Global Football Library 4; The Crest Collection, has been launched. This limited edition book is designed to tell your unique and ever-changing story through an exclusive collection of your favorite crests and badges.

January 2019

2018 reflections, a stellar year for soccer

January is known to be the perfect time for a bit of reflection! And with that said, as the first month of 2019 comes to a close we’re proudly looking back at 2018 and an impressive season for Avery Dennison in the world of international soccer.

January 2019

Club Melo

Carmelo Anthony, NBA All-Star and member of the Houston Rockets team, has collaborated with Rochambeau and Avery Dennison RBIS on a capsule collection as part of an ongoing series of brand collaborations with his favourite fashion brands.

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